Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Monday, 7 June 2010

metal mouth.

I am offically 12 months into brace-facing. That's half way, wooooooo! A year today and I'll have straight teeth, it's actually really exciting for me, I can't wait to properly smile in photos. I cannot WAIT to get the braces off like seriously. :)


Last weekend, I offically gave in and went to support my town in there first crack at a festival. With a ticket costing £47.50 I thought they were being rather optimistic. The highlights were Lemar (if that's your cuppa...) but for me personally it was the AMAZING Jaguar Skills, who is a regular on Radio One and a world renound Dj, let's just say he absolutely smashed the stage apart, I loved every second of his hour and half set, it was pretty intense. Taking a shoulder ride off of Josh, I was above the crowd, it was amazing to be dancing at such a height, being able to see everyone under me. At a measley 5'3 (and a half) standing, I was having a whale of a time on the shoulders of my 6'2+ boyfriend. Anyway, there was also BootyLuv who I actually rather enjoyed, they had a huge stage presence. Goldie Lookin' Chain also showed up on the main stage, which was such a good set, they knew how to work the crowd and were equally entertaining between songs, to say the least.
Over all I was pretty impressed, they seemed to have created something special and for a place not even recognised by Microsoft Word (literally, type 'Oswestry,' it will try to correct you with 'Sweaty'...) I think they did a pretty fine job of actually getting names we had heard of to come a perform for such a small town. However, saying that the festival dragged in attention from the surrounding English areas and Wales too. Rumour has it though, the festival desperately under sold and thus, there shall be no more Osfests. If this is to be true then I am quite sad for my town and I had hoped this would get us some recognition as a real place and encourage tourism to our pretty little town; a town with a festival! Osfest 2010 was pretty sweet, with all my friends going the rain, sun, mud and music, it offically made Festival status for me, so maybe... watch this space Leeds and Glasto, OSFEST is on!


Myself and the lovely Alex (she's actuall my boy Josh's best friend from school so it's rather lucky we get on quite well!) We recently hit Chester for a bit of retail therapy (I was hoping to find a Summer Ball dress, but there was nothing quite suitable...) Here's the snap from the day, I think you'll agree... it's a beautiful one! aha.
"After all that, I think these beads are a bit much!"