Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Monday, 19 July 2010

don't sweat it sweetcheeks.

Literally, I think I'm going to be out on my behind unless I find a job SOON. My mother is literally at her witts end, so tomorrow I'm dropping my CV at a shop that's looking for part-time staff, as dull as it is, I NEED a job, else I'll never have enough money to persue a career in fashion design, if I can't even afford to pay for my bloody materials! When I get a job, I will be SO HAPPY.

On the upside, it's not all doom and gloom, me and Josh are taking are first proper holiday in less than two weeks, I'm so very excited, we're heading down to the gorgeous sandbanks of Christchurch in Bournemouth, eligantly placed on the south coast. It's so blissfully simple: huts on the beach, no electricty, no cars, a shared water pump, just the open waters, barbeques, guitars, and at night a full set of stars in the sky due to lack of pollution. I've been going since my first year of life, I'm so excited to share it with Josh. It's my secret little heaven, I can chill and not stress about anything. I get lots of writing done, swim in the sea, and just relax. It's an incredible place, not to mention the WATER SPORTS. I just can't wait.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


The Summer Ball, guys and dolls. Well, what can I say?! I had an incredible time, it was at my boy's old school, I had to meet all his old friends, although a little nervous they all turned out to be rather nice, actually. I wore a grecian style cream dress, with a red rose corsage and gold grecian heels. The night was a pure success and the school year went out with a bang. Ofcourse I danced the night away, which was slightly awkward for Josh. He is the greatest musician and can turn his hand to anything creative but my god he cannot dance, he has two left feet, and myself being a dancer for several years, well you can imagine the conflict on the dancefloor, but I wanted to help him, and we got there eventually... he only stood on my dress or toes afew times! ahaha. A great night was had by all, even if the food was a bit of a let down: cold and undercooked, but hey THE PUDDING WAS GOOD. ahaha. Here's the shots.

View of the Ball, from our table.

Joshua and myself. (Pre-Ball)
Joshua and myself at the Ball.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

the look of the day,

Tell me why I no longer see things as I did. You turn me around.

If we had a moment to share, would you take it.

I'm loosing sense of time and everything's the same.
I'll be home in a day, though I fear that's a month too late.
I borrowed my burgundy dad's work shirt, cut up and old pair of faded bleach-washed jeans to create shorts and threw on my striped top from H&M underneath it. That IS a laundry basket you can see in one of the photos. It doesn't matter though, I kind of like it.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

illness :( & FESTIVAL-ING ♥

Unfortunately, I've let my blog slip a little and I'm rather sad about it. I've been in hospital with a poorly eye guys, hence the lack of blogging and photographs. After being discharged it was lots of anti-biotics and resting, recharging the batteries, so it's been a little boring but... I HAVE NEWS. I've been to another festival... Workhouse 2010! (the festival, I've mentioned in an older post.) Basically because they'd achieved all they set out to do in the past 6 years (save the historical building of the workhouse from demolition) they threw a final private party festival for all those who have supported the cause over the years. Over all, a great time was had by all... I took my boyfriend's festival-virginity as this was his first offical festival experience. It took him awhile to fully relax into the uber-chilled atmosphere but he eventually got into it and let loose a little too. On the second night our tent nearly flew awasy due to some dodgy putting up involoving tent pegs. I. BLAME. THE. BOYFRIEND.
- Here's my snaps! ENJOY.
A lovely view in the beautiful Welsh countryside setting.

Joshua thought he could escape my camera by hiding under the blanket.

He thought wrong.

My younger sister showing off her circus skills. Nifty plate spinner.

We found a rope swing and watched the bands from it.

My mother snapped this as I sunbathed, I think she was very proud of herself.