Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vintage Camera.

My uncle has made my week. He heard that I had a fashion show shoot to do before the end of the month and therefore decided to give me my birthday present early. It's a darling of a vintage camera, trouble is I haven't the foggiest how to work it, I'm going to get online and research it I think. I can't wait to get to grips with how it works in time for the show, a vintage camera for a vintage fashion show. I'm really progressing well with my photography through all these oppurtunities at work, vintage clothing is always something I've been passionate about, especially the 1940's, I think it was the elegance and boymeetsgirl cuts. Hence my love of brogues, they're the perfect shoe for both gender. 1940's become a turning point because jackets weren't just for business men anymore, but they also came with a gorgeous clinched in waist to excentuate a womans figure. It was a powerful time for us ladies post-war and this is definately reflected in the fashions. Especially looking at icon at the time, such as the beautiful actress Veronica Lake. She was successful beautiful and above all a clever woman. That's why 1940's fashion should be remembered as a time of change and prosper for women. These strong yet flattering shapes, changed the face of fashion, from this moment on, women's clothing was powerful.


I have a job! Not only a job, but the best job I could possibly hope for, as soon as I heard that a Vintage shop was opening up in my town I marched on down there and asked for a job, I think I must of sounded crazy with passion for vintage clothing... or just crazy, either way I was offered a job. I know work in the shop, dressing maniquins, making sales and gnereally dressing up and dancing to Peggy Lee and Doris Day. It's blissful. The best part is... my boss saw my photography and asked me to take over the photography for the vintage clothing website. The shop is called Timeless, here's a link to the website I'm working on for her, The two photo shoots I did were an absolute blast. I dressed the girl's in everything from early 1940's fur to sexy Sixties sequined dresses. All of the photos will shortly be on the website, I loved dressing the ladies up and I currently have my eye on a beautiful tweed 1950's jacket at work. I think as my 18th Birthday is approaching. I know, EXCITING?! I will hopefully be getting it from someone. I absolutely love it and will be taking a picture of it pretty sharpish to see what you think. I love it. Check out the website, if you like vintage, I suppose.