Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

blublubllluuuuh. I'M 18! FINALLY. It was the best day ever and here's my new favourite song.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vintage Camera.

My uncle has made my week. He heard that I had a fashion show shoot to do before the end of the month and therefore decided to give me my birthday present early. It's a darling of a vintage camera, trouble is I haven't the foggiest how to work it, I'm going to get online and research it I think. I can't wait to get to grips with how it works in time for the show, a vintage camera for a vintage fashion show. I'm really progressing well with my photography through all these oppurtunities at work, vintage clothing is always something I've been passionate about, especially the 1940's, I think it was the elegance and boymeetsgirl cuts. Hence my love of brogues, they're the perfect shoe for both gender. 1940's become a turning point because jackets weren't just for business men anymore, but they also came with a gorgeous clinched in waist to excentuate a womans figure. It was a powerful time for us ladies post-war and this is definately reflected in the fashions. Especially looking at icon at the time, such as the beautiful actress Veronica Lake. She was successful beautiful and above all a clever woman. That's why 1940's fashion should be remembered as a time of change and prosper for women. These strong yet flattering shapes, changed the face of fashion, from this moment on, women's clothing was powerful.


I have a job! Not only a job, but the best job I could possibly hope for, as soon as I heard that a Vintage shop was opening up in my town I marched on down there and asked for a job, I think I must of sounded crazy with passion for vintage clothing... or just crazy, either way I was offered a job. I know work in the shop, dressing maniquins, making sales and gnereally dressing up and dancing to Peggy Lee and Doris Day. It's blissful. The best part is... my boss saw my photography and asked me to take over the photography for the vintage clothing website. The shop is called Timeless, here's a link to the website I'm working on for her, The two photo shoots I did were an absolute blast. I dressed the girl's in everything from early 1940's fur to sexy Sixties sequined dresses. All of the photos will shortly be on the website, I loved dressing the ladies up and I currently have my eye on a beautiful tweed 1950's jacket at work. I think as my 18th Birthday is approaching. I know, EXCITING?! I will hopefully be getting it from someone. I absolutely love it and will be taking a picture of it pretty sharpish to see what you think. I love it. Check out the website, if you like vintage, I suppose.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The xx - Islands

I love this, listen to it. Do it now boyyyy.

Monday, 19 July 2010

don't sweat it sweetcheeks.

Literally, I think I'm going to be out on my behind unless I find a job SOON. My mother is literally at her witts end, so tomorrow I'm dropping my CV at a shop that's looking for part-time staff, as dull as it is, I NEED a job, else I'll never have enough money to persue a career in fashion design, if I can't even afford to pay for my bloody materials! When I get a job, I will be SO HAPPY.

On the upside, it's not all doom and gloom, me and Josh are taking are first proper holiday in less than two weeks, I'm so very excited, we're heading down to the gorgeous sandbanks of Christchurch in Bournemouth, eligantly placed on the south coast. It's so blissfully simple: huts on the beach, no electricty, no cars, a shared water pump, just the open waters, barbeques, guitars, and at night a full set of stars in the sky due to lack of pollution. I've been going since my first year of life, I'm so excited to share it with Josh. It's my secret little heaven, I can chill and not stress about anything. I get lots of writing done, swim in the sea, and just relax. It's an incredible place, not to mention the WATER SPORTS. I just can't wait.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


The Summer Ball, guys and dolls. Well, what can I say?! I had an incredible time, it was at my boy's old school, I had to meet all his old friends, although a little nervous they all turned out to be rather nice, actually. I wore a grecian style cream dress, with a red rose corsage and gold grecian heels. The night was a pure success and the school year went out with a bang. Ofcourse I danced the night away, which was slightly awkward for Josh. He is the greatest musician and can turn his hand to anything creative but my god he cannot dance, he has two left feet, and myself being a dancer for several years, well you can imagine the conflict on the dancefloor, but I wanted to help him, and we got there eventually... he only stood on my dress or toes afew times! ahaha. A great night was had by all, even if the food was a bit of a let down: cold and undercooked, but hey THE PUDDING WAS GOOD. ahaha. Here's the shots.

View of the Ball, from our table.

Joshua and myself. (Pre-Ball)
Joshua and myself at the Ball.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

the look of the day,

Tell me why I no longer see things as I did. You turn me around.

If we had a moment to share, would you take it.

I'm loosing sense of time and everything's the same.
I'll be home in a day, though I fear that's a month too late.
I borrowed my burgundy dad's work shirt, cut up and old pair of faded bleach-washed jeans to create shorts and threw on my striped top from H&M underneath it. That IS a laundry basket you can see in one of the photos. It doesn't matter though, I kind of like it.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

illness :( & FESTIVAL-ING ♥

Unfortunately, I've let my blog slip a little and I'm rather sad about it. I've been in hospital with a poorly eye guys, hence the lack of blogging and photographs. After being discharged it was lots of anti-biotics and resting, recharging the batteries, so it's been a little boring but... I HAVE NEWS. I've been to another festival... Workhouse 2010! (the festival, I've mentioned in an older post.) Basically because they'd achieved all they set out to do in the past 6 years (save the historical building of the workhouse from demolition) they threw a final private party festival for all those who have supported the cause over the years. Over all, a great time was had by all... I took my boyfriend's festival-virginity as this was his first offical festival experience. It took him awhile to fully relax into the uber-chilled atmosphere but he eventually got into it and let loose a little too. On the second night our tent nearly flew awasy due to some dodgy putting up involoving tent pegs. I. BLAME. THE. BOYFRIEND.
- Here's my snaps! ENJOY.
A lovely view in the beautiful Welsh countryside setting.

Joshua thought he could escape my camera by hiding under the blanket.

He thought wrong.

My younger sister showing off her circus skills. Nifty plate spinner.

We found a rope swing and watched the bands from it.

My mother snapped this as I sunbathed, I think she was very proud of herself.

Monday, 7 June 2010

metal mouth.

I am offically 12 months into brace-facing. That's half way, wooooooo! A year today and I'll have straight teeth, it's actually really exciting for me, I can't wait to properly smile in photos. I cannot WAIT to get the braces off like seriously. :)


Last weekend, I offically gave in and went to support my town in there first crack at a festival. With a ticket costing £47.50 I thought they were being rather optimistic. The highlights were Lemar (if that's your cuppa...) but for me personally it was the AMAZING Jaguar Skills, who is a regular on Radio One and a world renound Dj, let's just say he absolutely smashed the stage apart, I loved every second of his hour and half set, it was pretty intense. Taking a shoulder ride off of Josh, I was above the crowd, it was amazing to be dancing at such a height, being able to see everyone under me. At a measley 5'3 (and a half) standing, I was having a whale of a time on the shoulders of my 6'2+ boyfriend. Anyway, there was also BootyLuv who I actually rather enjoyed, they had a huge stage presence. Goldie Lookin' Chain also showed up on the main stage, which was such a good set, they knew how to work the crowd and were equally entertaining between songs, to say the least.
Over all I was pretty impressed, they seemed to have created something special and for a place not even recognised by Microsoft Word (literally, type 'Oswestry,' it will try to correct you with 'Sweaty'...) I think they did a pretty fine job of actually getting names we had heard of to come a perform for such a small town. However, saying that the festival dragged in attention from the surrounding English areas and Wales too. Rumour has it though, the festival desperately under sold and thus, there shall be no more Osfests. If this is to be true then I am quite sad for my town and I had hoped this would get us some recognition as a real place and encourage tourism to our pretty little town; a town with a festival! Osfest 2010 was pretty sweet, with all my friends going the rain, sun, mud and music, it offically made Festival status for me, so maybe... watch this space Leeds and Glasto, OSFEST is on!


Myself and the lovely Alex (she's actuall my boy Josh's best friend from school so it's rather lucky we get on quite well!) We recently hit Chester for a bit of retail therapy (I was hoping to find a Summer Ball dress, but there was nothing quite suitable...) Here's the snap from the day, I think you'll agree... it's a beautiful one! aha.
"After all that, I think these beads are a bit much!"

Thursday, 27 May 2010


With the sun sticking around I decided to hit the beach with one of my closest friend, Poppy :). It was a beautiful day, I even managed to top up the tan, have a cheeky portion of chips (at the beach, it's a must!) and buy some rather cute shell bracelets on tye-dyed string with the cutest little beads, and a sea blue wooden owl charm necklace... IT'S THE CUTEST! With three sea shell bracelets and my little owl necklace coming in at £5 altogether I was one happy, happy lady! It was a perfect beach day, here's the snaps. Peace & Love, happy SUMMER!
My little pumps on the beach.

Chilling, CHRIST my hair looks long!

Beach View, from the pier.

Poppy and myself, catching some rays!

Me, walking in the sea breeze, snapped rather well by Poppy :)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

♥ NEW HAIR. (sort of...)

GOSH! With this weather gradually lightening up my hair I decided to dye it. My hair naturally bleaches in summer to a 'dirty blonde' colour, but my skin is naturally olive, especially in summer and I have dark eyes and eyebrows so I thought I needed a colour to compliment that. Despite the fact that I really bloody love red hair, I had this sinking feeling that it wouldn't suit me, though alas I tried a brand new colour it's like a dark brown with the really slightest, softest hint of red it's given my hair a beautiful shine. I went out last night ofcourse, feeling like a rockstar. Honest to god, my hair needed a lift it's so thick and long, almost lifeless I had to revitalise it, it's definately been sexed up. Also, contrary to his own original beliefs the boyfriend actually is really into the new shade as well so yes it did well all round! I lightly (and I mean very lightly) tanned so I didn't look to drawn out, to finish it off I put on a fitted, short, navy velvet dress teamed with matching silky navy heels and silky SMOOOTH legs. That's always a must. Alright guys, here are the pictures of my new do aha ENJOY.

Friday, 7 May 2010

"I'm sorry young man, I cannot be your friend. I do not believe in a fairytale end."♥

It is you...

You, who turns my world around.
Ok, so I wanted my eyelashes to stand out the most here (without the use of false ones!) I kid you not those are my own lashes, darkened a tad. I swept back my hair into a 1950's inspired men's style, kept my foundation light for a paler look and went all out on the blusher to create a pinched cheek look. I wanted it very fresh, almost doll-like. I've softened the colours a little, and put a light blur on the photograph over all.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

And so the work... begins.

AH. I have started my revision. Well... kind of. I printed out things! That counts... right? Psychology, actually the most understated science of them all, but I want a better understanding of all the peoples :) yes, it'd be nice to know what people are thinking (they don't tell you this in psychology BUT...) it's an interesting thing to studies with SO MANY THINGS TO REMEMBER. ohm.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

OHM! Sweet memories...

MEMORIES. I just found a load of pictures from the first holiday I took without my parents. We went to stay in our friend's lovely house in a small part of rural France. It was beautiful and we were left to our own devices for afew weeks. We even managed to fit in a spot of camping. It was such a long tiring journey and I tell you something I have never looked forward to a whole meal so much and FERRY FOOD has never tasted better. Possibly the best holiday ever? Why yes, ofcourse! As us girls named it...

France Baby 2009

♥ Summer is coming!

I decided to try and snap the beauty of the first hot day I've seen this year! Again I'm in one of my boy's shirts, as they're just so darn comfy and look good over any outfit because to me they are so effortlessly cool. I'm quite a lucky girl, as he lets me 'keep' most of his wardrobe. This snap was taken off of my balcony and makes me feel all summery inside, it was just after I'd walked home, I'm wearing minimal make up and my hair's slept on, but it's all in the name of boho, right? haha. I can't actually wait to finish my first year of college and then have this beautiful weather everyday... it's going to be heavenly.

Monday, 3 May 2010


ohm. The lovely Agyness Deyn. It must be said she is my favourite model! She has the undeniable edge, and that crop is to die for! Shame I'm too stubborn and anxious to get my unruly tresses chopped. I think she's my personal icon because of her musical edge, 'I don't care' attitude, and free/slightly dirty hippie-esque look. Agyness has a beautiful face, and has the boyish chic look down to a T, still managing to look effortlessly flawless. She reminds me of a beautiful boy, but someone how manages to be all the more feminine. One day I'd like to be the person who designed the clothes she wears, that would be lovely. Or even if I managed to take her photograph one day, she is truly awesome. Anway, the gorgeous Agyness Deyn.

Isn't she lovely.

Workhouse Festival Llanfyllin.

Now, being just a 'small town girl' surrounded by countryside, and on the border of Wales, I have the great task of occupying myself. I have never been to a concert... Yes, never. I have been to only one gig, and only one festival. It's a quiet life. It's not that I don't want to go to these things it's just I never really have the money or the transport, anyway I'm digressing. Basically, my one little festival is called the Workhouse Festival. It's in a little Welsh town called Llanfyllin Wales' most eclectic boutique festival. Basically, A GIANT HIPPIE FEST! It's a lovely experience: freedom, weird and wonderful music, more mud than sky, lots of amazing looking, smelling, talking people. and VANS, lots and lots of classic VDUBS and clapped out bangers. Magical. The food's amazing too, it's a festival big on being eco-friendly, so everything's renewable, recycled and the whole thing runs on solar power! I sound like an advert, but seriously it's such a different way of life something I liked a tiny sample of just for that weekend. They were trying to save the Workhouse (the poor worker's house, it has historical value to the country!) Anyway, it's all over, after 4 years of running, the whole things finished as they've managed to buy the Workhouse and our turning into all sorts: an art expedition room, rooms for classes, workshops, art and youth projects. I'm really glad they managed to do it, but sososo sad it's gone!
Here are some of my favourite snaps from 2009's Festival:

What an odd pair! The ones on the ends are quite weird too ;)

Speaking of pairs, it must be a stripey sock, bestfriend kinda thing when you can wear two pairs over eachother, oh YES. We've got the festival fashion down, one word, it's got to be: FUN.

But... there shall be no Workhouse 2010 :(
In the true spirit of the festival, a dance night was hosted to say goodbye to the festival and a party is going to be held which hopefully I'll be attending :) So it's not all doom and gloom, though I wish I'd got a ticket to go the Reading instead, I'm missing out on... BLINK 182. Enough said!

Here are some shots from the Workhouse Eclectic Dance Night May 1st 2010

Media project - PARANOIA the very exciting film clip :)

Ok, so I study English Literature, Media and Psychology at college. My Media college project thisa year was to make a thriller/horror film opening. That was the brief, pretty loose so we had plenty of room to get creative! This is mine and my friend Tom's project. Hope you enjoy it! :) Thought it would be nice for you to know what's been consuming most of my time these past months!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

London Calling.

LONDON! The boy (my Joshua) and I recently took a trip to London. Although the weather didn't fair too well it was a lovelovelovely week. We indulged in what the city had to offer; including my major down fall (shopping!) We also went and saw a few shows on the West End like Hairspray which was incredible, one of the Actors was a dude from the music sensation THE MONKEYS. I constantly had my camera pressed in my hand there were just too many perfect photo oppurtunities for me to let them pass by! Even though I only live in a teeny tiny town in the Midlands, this wasn't my first trip to London, but it was the first with my favourite person, we had a sheerly amazing time (including running around HAMLEY'S like 5 year olds) Here's a few shots... I throw on my boyfriend's clothes and grab a camera.

My lovely boy's old Abercrombie tee, with my vintage floral cropped shirt underneath (it was my mother's when she was my age) with my key necklace. A cute little cliche 'the key to my heart' throw in Kurt Cobain's biography and my beloved shoe boots, and we have a picture.