Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Monday, 3 May 2010


ohm. The lovely Agyness Deyn. It must be said she is my favourite model! She has the undeniable edge, and that crop is to die for! Shame I'm too stubborn and anxious to get my unruly tresses chopped. I think she's my personal icon because of her musical edge, 'I don't care' attitude, and free/slightly dirty hippie-esque look. Agyness has a beautiful face, and has the boyish chic look down to a T, still managing to look effortlessly flawless. She reminds me of a beautiful boy, but someone how manages to be all the more feminine. One day I'd like to be the person who designed the clothes she wears, that would be lovely. Or even if I managed to take her photograph one day, she is truly awesome. Anway, the gorgeous Agyness Deyn.

Isn't she lovely.

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