Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

♥ NEW HAIR. (sort of...)

GOSH! With this weather gradually lightening up my hair I decided to dye it. My hair naturally bleaches in summer to a 'dirty blonde' colour, but my skin is naturally olive, especially in summer and I have dark eyes and eyebrows so I thought I needed a colour to compliment that. Despite the fact that I really bloody love red hair, I had this sinking feeling that it wouldn't suit me, though alas I tried a brand new colour it's like a dark brown with the really slightest, softest hint of red it's given my hair a beautiful shine. I went out last night ofcourse, feeling like a rockstar. Honest to god, my hair needed a lift it's so thick and long, almost lifeless I had to revitalise it, it's definately been sexed up. Also, contrary to his own original beliefs the boyfriend actually is really into the new shade as well so yes it did well all round! I lightly (and I mean very lightly) tanned so I didn't look to drawn out, to finish it off I put on a fitted, short, navy velvet dress teamed with matching silky navy heels and silky SMOOOTH legs. That's always a must. Alright guys, here are the pictures of my new do aha ENJOY.

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