Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Hot Tramp, I love you so.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

♥ Summer is coming!

I decided to try and snap the beauty of the first hot day I've seen this year! Again I'm in one of my boy's shirts, as they're just so darn comfy and look good over any outfit because to me they are so effortlessly cool. I'm quite a lucky girl, as he lets me 'keep' most of his wardrobe. This snap was taken off of my balcony and makes me feel all summery inside, it was just after I'd walked home, I'm wearing minimal make up and my hair's slept on, but it's all in the name of boho, right? haha. I can't actually wait to finish my first year of college and then have this beautiful weather everyday... it's going to be heavenly.

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